FADE IN:  Bullies beware!  "Rage of Nerdwolf" has been approved for grant funding by "Movies Making A Difference," a non-profit 501c3 organization that supports the creation of the arts bringing awareness to important social issues.  The movie "Rage of Nerdwolf" shines a satirical, humorous light on all forms of bullying and all those dark forces that trade in this anti-humane behavior.  A portion of the money raised will support established non-profit anti-bullying organizations whose missions are to create cultures of caring, respect and safety for everyone, everywhere, teaching people of all ages and abilities how to stay safe, act wisely and believe in themselves.  You are encouraged to consult with your financial advisor to determine what amount of charitable donation by you or your business will be to your tax benefit when you support making "Rage of Nerdwolf" through "Movies Making a Difference" (MMAD, 501c3).  A portion of your donation sent to MMAD will fund the creation, production, marketing and distribution of "Rage of Nerdwolf."  Please utilize the links and forms found here on this page for more information.  Also, please notify the Rage of Nerdwolf, LLC through our contact page about your donation in support of "Rage of Nerdwolf" so that we can track its progression through "Movie Making a Difference" to the LLC.  FADE OUT: