Hello there, Ronnies!

Many "fool" moons ago, the movie "Rage of Nerdwolf" screened to a packed raucous crowd in the band room at Tulare Union High School in an Orwellian year.  13 months later as part of a community service agreement negotiated with the California Penal System, the movie played on local San Joaquin Cable channel 24, servicing the communities of Tulare and Visalia, California.  Then the howls feel silent for the rest of the century.

Until now.

The 50th anniversary of "Rage of Nerdwolf" (aka RON, aka Rage) is quickly approaching or is passing, depending upon when you start counting (I never agreed with the finite nature of numbers, believing only cornbread are square and that pie are round).  Back then, Steve Mitchell and I let loose into the cosmos something incredibly unique and daring for its time.  That version of the Rage movie has now cleared the galaxy and it's time to bring RON back in a new exciting way, with the help of 21st century technology.


Here's what the new "Rage of Nerdwolf" will look like:  When the movie is shown (either theatrically or via SVOD a la Amazon Prime or AVOD like Tubi-TV, etc), the experience will be as though the viewer just sat down in front of a TV, clicked on the remote and tuned into a very peculiar local TV channel showing the classic version of "Rage of Nerdwolf."  At 8pm on a Sunday.  In an alternate universe.  "Bullies beware!  RAGE OF NERDWOLF is next," exclaims the station announcer.  "Right after these messages."

So you'll see parody "commercial" breaks in-between tight new segments of a digitally restored 21st century edit and presentation of the Rage film.   These programming breaks are part of the fun of watching the new "Rage of Nerdwolf" on local TV channel RON 69.  It will be a totally immersive television viewing experience.  There's off-kilter news updates, bizarre clips for other RON network programming and parody commercials as if was any goofy local TV channel - but from another dimension.  Think "Second City Television" meets "The Onion" newspaper and you'll get an idea of the new wacky.   We're creating an alternate reality here.  You should join us.

My hope is that you'll support the making and distribution of the new "Rage of Nerdwolf."  There's many ways you can take part:   After consulting your tax adviser about your financial benefit, make a tax deductible donation to "Movies Making a Difference" organization in reference to "Rage of Nerdwolf" (see the "Tax Donation" page within this website for more info).  Money raised will go in support of anti-bulling organizations and the production and marketing of RON.  Share this website with your social media friends or recommend us to others like  anti-bullying social media groups, cos-players, steam punk aficiondos and comic -con fans.   Right now, there are also opportunities for new members of the LLC, executive producers, cast, crew, businesses and locations to be apart of this unique creative experience.  Use the "Contact" page to send me a message or to just find me (or Rage) on the usual social media channels.  Find out about my award winning career in TV and film taking another micro-budget indy movie all the way to Cannes and connect with me on Linked-In.  Join me and other "Ronnies" in this new adventure by bringing the brand new "Rage of Nerdwolf" into the world ... "bullies beware!"


Tim McSpadden